Automation & Sheet Metal

Standard Products

ATS Group’s R&D activities are focused on developing specific products and systems, as well as supporting sub-systems, products and processes. As the core of ATS Group’s manufacturing relies significantly on the various disciplines of engineering and computing, it also undertakes R&D in related engineering fields to improve its manufacturing processes. New products created through R&D would provide ATS Group with the basis for continuing business growth and success.


We developed wide range of standard products which covers Automated Test Handling Systems, Automated Laser Marking and Vision Inspection Systems, Fully Automated Assembly System, Automated Production Line Integration System, and Clean Room Class 1 Intelligent Conveyor transport System.

Customized Equipment And Machinery

ATS undertakes design and manufacturing of highly customized industrial automation systems and machineries. Every customized ATS product is significantly researched and developed base on customer’s specifications and requirement, dedicated to provide the best solution for our valuable customers. R&D has major involvement since the stage of solution conceptualization to create state-of -art solutions. Every conceptualization will go thru reviews and discussions for the sake of best design and reasonable cost.


Look for customization, look for ATS…



Customization targets for best solutions but not industry. From the field of highly automation dependant industries, e.g. semiconductor, automotives, medical, disc drive, PCBA, gloves, etc… up to the field of daily task related, e.g. food packaging, vision checking for wood quality, etc…, customization has advantages in benefiting human to earn better living. AT, since 1991, has become the partner to release your burden with the competency of automating your daily task.

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